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Teams to represent England at the Schools International Athletics Board (SIAB) competitions between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are selected by the ESAA Team Managers after the Cross Country and Track & Field Championships.

There are teams at Junior and Intermediate level, and normally the leading athletes at the National Championships are selected. The track and field individual events international competition is only provided for the intermediate level.

2019 track & field SIAB competition

The 2019 track and field edition will take place at Swansea University Athletics Stadium 20 July 2019. The timetable is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Humberside Schools Athletics will have one athlete from our County, Archie Yeo in the long jump.

Archie Yeo in his England international kit in advance of the SIAB competition

Previous track and field SIAB competitions

2018 Grangemouth, Scotland - Humberside athletes: Archie Yeo, triple jump, 2nd

2017 Dublin, Ireland

Where finances permit, the ESAA may also select a small team to compete at the World School Games - this team is selected by the ESAA Team Managers based on performances by athletes over the past year whilst also taking into account various other factors such as perceived future potential and general standards of behaviour. There are no qualification standards and there is no qualifying competition - selection is entirely at the discretion of the Team Managers. Because the cost of taking a team abroad is so high and the ESAA has very limited funds, only a few athletes may be invited to participate.

The ISF Jean Humbert World Schools Cup is an athletics competition between school teams. A school is selected to represent England by the ESAA Team Managers. Selection is based on the school's team performances in competitions during the year.

For additional information please refer to the ESAA website

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The minimum performance level normally required to be selected for for the National Championships. The Entry Standard is not a 'qualifying standard', reaching a standard does not imply any automatic right to be selected.

Junior boy Junior girl
100 metres 11.7s 100 metres 12.7s
200 metres 23.8s 200 metres 26.2s
300 metres 37.8s 300 metres 42.0s
800 metres 2m 04s 800 metres 2m 19s
1500 metres 4m 20s 1500 metres 4m 48s
80m Hurdles 12.0s 75m Hurdles 11.7s
Relay 47.5s Relay 52.0s
High Jump 1.72m High Jump 1.59m
Pole Vault 3.00m Pole Vault 2.70m
Long Jump 5.80m Long Jump 5.15m
Triple Jump 12.00m
Shot 12.30m Shot 10.60m
Discus 35.00m Discus 27.00m
Javelin 44.00m Javelin 34.00m
Hammer 38.00m Hammer 36.00m

Intermediate boy Intermediate girl
100 metres 11.2s 100 metres 12.5s
200 metres 22.7s 200 metres 25.8s
400 metres 51.1s 300 metres 41.0s
800 metres 1m 57s 800 metres 2m 16s
1500 metres 4m 06s 1500 metres 4m 45s
3000 metres 8m 56s 3000 metres 10m 20s
100m Hurdles 14.0s 80m Hurdles 12.0s
400m Hurdles 58.5s 300m Hurdles 46.4s
1500m S/C 4m 40s 1500m S/C 5m 23s
Relay 45.0s Relay 50.2s
High Jump 1.90m High Jump 1.64m
Pole Vault 3.90m Pole Vault 3.10m
Long Jump 6.40m Long Jump 5.35m
Triple Jump 13.20m Triple Jump 10.90m
Shot 13.20m Shot 11.60m
Discus 41.00m Discus 33.00m
Javelin 52.00m Javelin 38.00m
Hammer 50.00m Hammer 48.00m

Senior boy Senior girl
100 metres 11.0s 100 metres 12.4s
200 metres 22.2s 200 metres 25.8s
400 metres 49.5s 400 metres 58.3s
800 metres 1m 54s 800 metres 2m 15s
1500 metres 3m 58s 1500 metres 4m 42s
3000 metres 8m 36s 3000 metres 10m 16s
110m Hurdles 15.3s 100m Hurdles 15.2s
400m Hurdles 57.2s 400m Hurdles 66.0s
2000m S/C 6m 16s 1500m S/C 5m 17s
Relay 44.5s Relay 50.0s
High Jump 1.95m High Jump 1.66m
Pole Vault 4.20m Pole Vault 3.20m
Long Jump 6.70m Long Jump 5.40m
Triple Jump 13.70m Triple Jump 11.10m
Shot 12.80m Shot 10.50m
Discus 40.00m Discus 36.00m
Javelin 52.00m Javelin 37.00m
Hammer 52.00m Hammer 43.00m

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The ESAA operate under the rules of British Athletics and the IAAF, therefore athletes taking part in any ESAA competition are subject to the same regime of random drug testing and sanctions as anyone else in the sport. It is a condition of entry into events that athletes (with the consent of parents/guardians) agree to subject themselves to these rules.

Testing is under the control of the independent National testing body and the ESAA have no control over what they do. The ESAA provide facilities at events for drugs testing to take place when asked to do so by the testing body, and many athletes have already been tested at ESAA National Championships.

The ESAA continues to stress their complete disapproval of the use of any substance designed to gain unfair advantage in the sport.

Further information about the drugs testing regime.

Over-The-Counter Medicines

Just because you can buy a medicine at a supermarket or pharmacy doesn't mean that it does not contain substances which are prohibited for use by athletes. Check medicines (including travel sickness pills) at GlobalDRO - simply enter a few details about the Sport and in which country the medication was purchased and you can then search the Prohibited List, either by brand name or individual ingredient. You can also check your medication at UKA.

Food Supplements and Herbal Remedies

Herbal travel sickness remedies such as 'Travella' cannot be checked using GlobalDRO as these are classed as supplements. The manufacture of supplements is not regulated in the same way as medications, there is never a 100% guarantee that they are free from prohibited substances and great care should be taken. UKA has provides additional clarification on supplements.

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Age groups for ESAA events

The age limits for ESAA Cross Country Championships, Track & Field Championships, and Combined Events Championships are:

Junior 13 years and under 15 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Intermediate 15 years and under 17 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Senior 17 years and under 19 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

The age limits for ESAA Schools Cup competitions are:

Junior 12 years and under 14 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Intermediate 14 years and under 16 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Notes relating to all competitions

The school year is deemed to run from September to July, so August at the end of current school year is the August following the end of the summer term, irrespective of whether some schools actually start their new year in August.

Although the Combined Events Final is held in September it is considered to be in the same school year as the previous regional rounds which lead up to the final, thus age limits are those which apply at the time of the regional round.

Athletes may only compete in the age group corresponding to their age. In particular this means:

athletes cannot compete in a higher age group athletes who are younger than the Junior age group cannot compete

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The ESAA National Championships are the 4th largest athletics event in the World that is staged each year.

Organised entirely by volunteer teachers, it brings together the best athletes in each County in England to compete for the honour of being the best athlete in the Country at their event.

Entry to the event is by virtue of athletes being selected by County Team Managers to represent their County.

Nearly all the UK Olympic Athletics team members have featured in the ESAA Championships.

English Schools' Athletic Association

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