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All Athletes:

Congratulations to all those selected for the 2020 national championship finals.

The final team selection can be downloaded below (the pdf can be viewed on an iPhone using the safari browser).

a year ago

Official Humberside Schools Athletics kit for those athletes selected to represent the county is available from the club shop.

click on the image to visit our shop

Athletes will also be required to purchase a pair of Royal Blue shorts (these are not available from the club shop). County vests will be provided by HSAA for athletes to wear on the day of your event.

a year ago

Name Age Group Venue Year District Event Position Performance
Ella Greenway JG Birmingham 2019 North East Lincs 800m 1st 02:09.6
Shaun Kerry SB Birmingham 2019 East Riding Hammer 2nd 62.13m
Archie Yeo IB Birmingham 2019 North East Lincs Long Jump 2nd 6.84m
Ollie Stevenson SG Birmingham 2018 East Riding Hammer 1st 56.47m
Archie Yeo IB Birmingham 2018 North East Lincs Triple Jump 2nd 14.02m
Shaun Kerry IB Birmingham 2018 East Riding Hammer 3rd 68.05m
Josh Tranmer SB Birmingham 2018 East Riding Discus 3rd 43.24m
Archie Yeo JB Birmingham 2017 North East Lincs Long Jump 2nd 6.32m
Shaun Kerry IB Birmingham 2017 East Riding Hammer 3rd 60.94m
Ben Copley JB Birmingham 2017 Hull Discus 1st 48.84m
Ollie Stevenson SG Birmingham 2017 East Riding Hammer 3rd 53.55m
Shaun Kerry JB Gateshead 2016 East Riding Hammer 1st 60.85m
Ben Copley JB Gateshead 2016 Hull Discus 2nd 39.67m
Ollie Stevenson IG Gateshead 2016 East Riding Hammer 2nd 62.55m
Libby Wheeler IG Gateshead 2016 East Riding Triple Jump 3rd 11.46m
Josh Tranmer IB Gateshead 2016 Hull Discus 3rd 40.99m
Charlotte Patterson SG Gateshead 2015 Hull 100m 1st 11.99
Jack Perry JB Gateshead 2015 East Riding Long Jump 1st 6.22m
Chelsea Walker SG Gateshead 2015 East Riding 400m Hurdles 2nd 62.06
Maggie Okul SG Gateshead 2015 East Riding Hammer 2nd 50.76m
Ollie Stevenson IG Gateshead 2015 East Riding Hammer 2nd 59.02m
Henry Fairclough IB Gateshead 2015 East Riding Shot 3rd 15.76m
Daniel Gray SB Gateshead 2015 East Riding 400m 1st 47.18
Ollie Stephenson JG Birmingham 2014 East Riding Hammer 2nd 54.01m
Charlotte Patterson IG Birmingham 2014 East Riding 100m 2nd 12.06
Hollie Smith JG Birmingham 2013 East Riding High Jump 2nd 1.66m
Abbie Carter SG Gateshead 2012 East Riding Hammer 1st 59.75m
Anthony Norfolk SB Gateshead 2012 Hull Shot 2nd 14.70m
Chelsea Walker IG Gateshead 2012 East Riding 300m Hurdles 3rd 44.54
Abbie Carter SG Gateshead 2011 East Riding Hammer 1st 56.83m
Daniel Gray JB Gateshead 2011 East Riding 400m 1st 49.79
James Lamswood IB Gateshead 2011 East Riding 1500m 2nd 04:04.3
Abbie Carter IG Birmingham 2010 East Riding Hammer 1st 54.78m (cbp)
Daniel Preston-Routledge JB Birmingham 2010 East Riding Shot 2nd 13.91m
JG Birmingham 2010 4 x 100m Relay 2nd 48.93
SG Birmingham 2010 4 x 100m Relay 3rd 48
Abbie Carter IG Sheffield 2009 East Riding Hammer 1st 52.27m
Matthew Hunt SB Sheffield 2009 Hull Javelin 1st 68.78m
James Lamswood JB Sheffield 2009 East Riding 1500m 2nd 04:08.0
Joshua Bones IB Sheffield 2009 North Lincs Triple Jump 3rd 14.11m
Mike Jennings SB Sheffield 2009 Hull Hammer 3rd 59.57m
Rachel Robinson SG Sheffield 2009 North Lincs 1500m Steeplechase 3rd 05:01.8
Jessica Houlton SG Sheffield 2009 North East Lincs High Jump 3rd 1.69m
Abbie Carter JG Gateshead 2008 East Riding Discus 1st 36.16m
Ashley Wren JB Gateshead 2008 North Lincs Long Jump 2nd 6.21m
Michael Hall JB Gateshead 2008 East Riding Shot 2nd 13.45m
Mike Jennings SB Gateshead 2008 Hull Hammer 2nd 60.59m
Emma Jackson IG Gateshead 2008 East Riding 200m 3rd 24.69
James Bedford SB Birmingham 2007 Hull Hammer 1st 66.52m
Mike Jennings IB Birmingham 2007 Hull Hammer 1st 58.04m
Abbie Carter JG Birmingham 2007 East Riding Discus 1st 35.28m
Sam Barnes JB Birmingham 2007 East Riding Hammer 2nd 47.90m
Emma Jackson JG Birmingham 2007 East Riding 200m 2nd 25.14
Kerrie Harris IG Birmingham 2007 East Riding 800m 2nd 02:10.9
Annabelle Lewis SG Birmingham 2007 East Riding 100m 3rd 12.01
Peter Smith IB Gateshead 2006 Hull Hammer 1st 67.69m
James Bedford SB Gateshead 2006 Hull Hammer 2nd 63.73m
Katie Flower SG Gateshead 2006 North Lincs 400m 2nd 54.53
Michael Jennings IB Gateshead 2006 Hull Hammer 3rd 54.65m
Alex Smith SB Birmingham 2005 Hull Hammer 1st 69.11m (cbp)
James Bedford IB Birmingham 2005 Hull Hammer 1st 61.65m
Katie Flower SG Birmingham 2005 North Lincs 400m 2nd 55.27
Nikki Maddick SG Birmingham 2005 East Riding 800m 2nd 02:09.5
Michael Jennings JB Birmingham 2005 Hull Hammer 2nd 49.51m
Philip Norfolk IB Birmingham 2005 Hull 400m 2nd 48.67
David Barnes JB Birmingham 2005 East Riding Hammer 3rd 46.78m
Alex Smith IB Gateshead 2004 Hull Hammer 1st 68.54m
Christina Clubley SG Gateshead 2004 Hull 100m 2nd 12.35
Kevin Sempers SB Gateshead 2004 North Lincs High Jump 2nd 2.04m
Robert Pickering IB Gateshead 2004 East Riding 3000m 2nd 08:31.0
Wayne Taylor IB Gateshead 2004 North East Lincs 400m Hurdles 3rd 54.64
Michael Finch SB Gateshead 2004 North East Lincs Pole Vault 3rd 4.20m
Helen Jennings IG Gateshead 2004 East Riding 100m 3rd 12.25
James Bedford JB Sheffield 2003 Hull Hammer 1st 48.30m
Alex Smith IB Sheffield 2003 Hull Hammer 1st 65.91m
Robert Henry SB Sheffield 2003 East Riding 110m Hurdles 1st 14.02
Kevin Sempers SB Sheffield 2003 North Lincs High Jump 1st 2.07m
Debbie Collinson SG Sheffield 2003 East Riding Shot 1st 11.63m
Kevin Sempers IB Nottingham 2002 North Lincs High Jump 2nd 1.99m
William Harwood JB Exeter 2001 North East Lincs Triple Jump 1st 13.07m
Martin Roberts SB Exeter 2001 North Lincs 200m 2nd 21.66
SB Exeter 2001 4 x 100m Relay 2nd 42.72
Caroline Nutt SG Exeter 2001 North Lincs Pole Vault 2nd 3.25m
Richard Dowse IB Exeter 2001 North Lincs 800m 3rd 01:57.0
Debbie Collinson IG Exeter 2001 East Riding Javelin 3rd 40.47m
Caroline Nutt SG Exeter 2001 North Lincs Pole Vault 2nd 3.25m
Paul Stephens IB Sheffield 2000 East Riding Pole Vault 1st 4.50m
John Holtby SB Sheffield 2000 Hull 110m Hurdles 2nd 14.46
Debbie Collinson JG Sheffield 2000 East Riding Javelin 2nd 34.35m
Natalie Clark SG Sheffield 2000 East Riding High Jump 2nd 1.72m
Graham Dobbs IB Sheffield 2000 North East Lincs 1500m Steeplechase 3rd 04:29.8

a year ago

Good luck to all X -Country runners at Central Park this Tuesday.

Athletes who will be considered for Humberside Team selection will be given an envelope on finishing. This does not mean you have been selected but will need to be returned ASAP if you wish to put your name forward. Should you lose the pack a replacement can be downloaded from here.

The committee will meet on 3rd Feb and the team will be announced via our website in due course.

a year ago

The Humberside Schools secondary cross country championships will take place from 11am 28th January 2020 at Central Park, Scunthorpe.

The event programme and athlete information can be downloaded using the link below.

Please note

North East Lincolnshire athlete names have not been provided by the county secretary, but if you have been informed of your selection you are still eligible to not panic!

a year ago

Teams to represent England at the Schools International Athletics Board (SIAB) competitions between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are selected by the ESAA Team Managers after the Cross Country and Track & Field Championships.

There are teams at Junior and Intermediate level, and normally the leading athletes at the National Championships are selected. The track and field individual events international competition is only provided for the intermediate level.

2019 track & field SIAB competition

The 2019 track and field edition will take place at Swansea University Athletics Stadium 20 July 2019. The timetable is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Humberside Schools Athletics will have one athlete from our County, Archie Yeo in the long jump.

Archie Yeo in his England international kit in advance of the SIAB competition

Previous track and field SIAB competitions

2018 Grangemouth, Scotland - Humberside athletes: Archie Yeo, triple jump, 2nd

2017 Dublin, Ireland

Where finances permit, the ESAA may also select a small team to compete at the World School Games - this team is selected by the ESAA Team Managers based on performances by athletes over the past year whilst also taking into account various other factors such as perceived future potential and general standards of behaviour. There are no qualification standards and there is no qualifying competition - selection is entirely at the discretion of the Team Managers. Because the cost of taking a team abroad is so high and the ESAA has very limited funds, only a few athletes may be invited to participate.

The ISF Jean Humbert World Schools Cup is an athletics competition between school teams. A school is selected to represent England by the ESAA Team Managers. Selection is based on the school's team performances in competitions during the year.

For additional information please refer to the ESAA website

2 years ago

We are pleased to announce the Humberside Team for the National T&F event in Birmingham.

Well done all athletes selected, please check your emails for further details and instructions.

The committee discussed at length the criteria for selection and it was unanimously voted that the entry standard had to be achieved. We are aware that there are a number of athletes very close to the standard, our advice is to find a meeting this weekend, perform your socks off and make the standard! If this happens please ensure you take a photo of the official result card and send it immediately to Humberside schools - we can accept them until Tuesday evening.

club shop for official kit

Gender Age School or College Event
Carmen Brooks F Jun Pocklington Shot
Ella Greenway F Jun Tollbar 800m
Elsa Thompson F Jun Driffield 200m
Katelyn Howden F Jun Tollbar Relay
Katie Love F Jun Melior Community academy Hammer
Lois Richardson F Jun Beverley High Relay
Natalie Walsh F Jun Snaith Relay reserve (non-travelling)
Tilly Cairns F Jun South Hunsley Relay
Alanah Thoresby F Int South Hunsley High Jump
Amelia Proctor F Int Sir John Nelthorpe Relay
Daisy Logan F Int Wolfreton Relay
Holly Adams F Int South Hunsley Shot
Jodie Martin F Int Holderness Academy 800m
Lauren McClean F Int Sirius Academy west Relay reserve (non-travelling)
Olivia Roe F Int Snaith Relay
Sarah Robinson F Sen N Lindsey College Hammer
Venus Morgan F Sen Wyke Sixth Form 100m hurdles
Antony Mould M Int Hymers Hammer
Archie Yeo M Int Healing Science academy Long Jump
Lukas Bradshaw M Int Pocklington Discus
Adam Coles M Sen Wyke College 110m H
Shaun Kerry M Sen Driffield Sixth form Hammer

2 years ago

Achieving standard

  • Check your required standard against the website.
  • Once you achieve the standard contact the association through our website or Facebook stating Name, venue, date, event and performance.
  • Input your details into the ESAA websitethis is your responsibility and is required for you to go through to the selection process.
  • Any improvement on your PB at this event must be updated with both the association and the ESAA website. This will ensure that when the committee meet to select the team, they have the current performance.
  • Make sure you attend the relevant County Championships:
  • Keep up to date with website/Facebook for notices including if you have made the team!

Once selected for County Team

  • Make sure you complete all relevant forms (drug use, contact details, travel arrangements, code of conduct etc – found in the athlete folder on website and return via email to the secretary C Yeo)
  • Complete letter to Headteacher and hand in to school – this notifies them of absence and asks them for a monetary contribution.
  • Place your order for kit through the website – it is expected that you purchase the top and suggested that you purchase bottoms in case of bad weather. Vest will be supplied by association.
  • Make sure that you have a pair of comfy shorts in plain royal blue (small logo acceptable) – any other colour is unacceptable and will be checked by Team managers on the day of competition, failure to comply could mean that you are withdrawn from the competition. These can be purchased from sports stores and style is individual however, tights/leggings are not allowed.
  • Inform school/college of your absence for those days.
  • Keep up to date with website and Facebook as info. will be coming thick and fast and you don’t want to miss anything!

Night before travel

  • Check you have packed your sports equipment – spikes, throwing implement, pins, kit
  • Pack overnight stay gear – checklist available on website (mobile phones are permitted but solely at your responsibility)
  • Check travel pick up times and arrange departure time with parents
  • Get a goodnight’s sleep!

Whilst at the Finals

  • You will be given your hotel room, vest, lanyard, programme and instructions on arrival at the hotel
  • You will be assigned a Team manager who you must report to at designated times
  • You are expected to stay with the team at the hotel, during travel and at the stadium (unless you notify your team manager)
  • Check the programme – make sure you know your warm up time, call up time and event time and let parents who are coming to watch know!
  • You have signed a code of conduct – please do not put any of the team managers in an awkward position where they must raise issues with you
  • Get to know your teammates – they will help build some fantastic memories with you and friendships that will last a lifetime
  • You are expected to take part in the parade and will not be allowed to leave before this has finished.
  • Once your event is completed, and if it is after the parade, you may ask for permission from your team manager to leave to go home with parents. At this point you must hand back your vest and your team manager will hand you over to your parents. You cannot just go, we are responsible for you and need to know that you are safe.
  • If you are travelling back on the team coach, make sure you have made a note of departure point and time from the stadium. Update your parents on travel progress so that they can be there to collect you as the coach arrives
  • Let us know about your successes via Facebook – we love to see your photos and so do parents/friends at home!
  • Have a safe trip home and start thinking about next year!

2 years ago

See our ESAA Combined events page for general information.

Trials for the Humberside Team

Date Saturday 4th May

Location Costello Stadium, Hull HU4 6XQ

Events start at 10:30am please arrive by 9:45am to register & warm up. Entry fee £6

Yrs 8 & 9 Junior Boys & Girls Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot, 800m
Yrs 10 – 13 Intermediate & Seniors Girls Compete in 4 or 5 events from: Hurdles, High Jump, Javelin, Shot, 800m
Yrs 10 – 13 Intermediate & Seniors Boys Compete in 4 or 5 events from: Hurdles, High Jump, Javelin, Shot, Discus, 1500m

Following the trials, teams of 4 per age group will be selected to represent Humberside SAA at the Regional Competition in June.

North East Regional Round

Date Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June

Location York University Track, YO10 5NA

Yrs 8 & 9 Junior Boys’ Pentathlon Saturday
Yrs 8 & 9 Junior Girls’ Pentathlon Sunday
Yrs 10 &11 Intermediate Girls' Heptathlon Saturday & Sunday
Yrs 12 & 13 Senior Girls’ Heptathlon Saturday & Sunday
Yrs 10 & 11 Intermediate Boys’ Octathlon Saturday & Sunday
Yrs 12 & 13 Senior Boys’ Decathlon Saturday & Sunday

Athletes selected for the regional round are entitled to purchase the official Humberside Schools kit (purchase of this kit is optional). A vest will be supplied on the day of the event, you will need to provide a pair of royal blue shorts.

English Schools’ National Finals

Date Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September

Location Exeter Arena EX4 8NT

Yrs 8 & 9 Junior Boys’ Pentathlon Saturday
Yrs 8 & 9 Junior Girls’ Pentathlon Sunday
Yrs 10 &11 Intermediate Girls' Heptathlon Saturday & Sunday
Yrs 12 & 13 Senior Girls’ Heptathlon Saturday & Sunday
Yrs 10 & 11 Intermediate Boys’ Octathlon Saturday & Sunday
Yrs 12 & 13 Senior Boys’ Decathlon Saturday & Sunday

2 years ago

The ESAA Combined Events are held over two rounds.

The Regional rounds are normally held on the fourth weekend in June

  • There are 6 regions in the UK.
  • Humberside competes in the North East Region
  • Northumberland. Durham, Cleveland, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire & South Yorkshire are the other counties in the NE Region

The Final is normally held on the 3rd Saturday in September and the day after. Age Groups:

Juniors (U15) Years 8 & 9
Intermediates (U17) Years 10 & 11
Seniors (U19) Years 12 & 13

Combined Events teams 4 athletes per age group per gender

The team result is the points’ totals of the leading 3 athletes in the team.

Pathway to the National Final from the Regional rounds:

  • the highest scoring County team goes through to the Final
  • plus the two highest scoring individuals not otherwise in a team
  • additionally, the 9 highest scoring athletes from across the Country who are not otherwise included will also qualify for the National Final, making a total of 45 athletes in each age group Final.

With 270 athletes at the Combined Events Final, each doing from 5 to 10 events, the two days of competition provide an amazing spectator experience.

Past ESAA Champions, and record holders, include Dean Macey (World Championships Silver Medallist). A Recent ESAA Champion and record holder was Katarina Johnson Thompson and Jessica Ennis was actually only ever 2nd!

Age Group Competition Events
Junior Boys Yr 8 & 9 Pentathlon 80m Hurdles, Shot, Long Jump, High Jump, 800m
Junior Girls Yr 8 & 9 Pentathlon 75mHurdles, Shot, Long Jump, High Jump, 800m
Inter Boys Yr 10 & 11 Octathlon Day 1 Long Jump, Discus, Javelin, 400m; Day 2 100mH, High Jump, Shot 1500m
Inter Girls Yr 10 & 11 Heptathlon Day 1 80m H, High Jump, Shot, 200m; Day 2 Long Jump, Javelin, 800m
Senior Boys Yr 12 & 13 Decathlon Day 1 100m, Long Jump, Shot, High Jump, 400m; Day 2 110mH, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin, 1500m
Senior Girls Yr 12 & 13 Heptathlon Day 1 100m, High Jump, Shot, 200m; Day 2 Long Jump, Javelin, 800m

2 years ago


  • Temple Newsam, Leeds on Saturday 16th March 2019

Travel pick-up locations and planned times

  • Scunthorpe Bus Stop, outside Morrisons DN16 3UA
    • 7.30am
  • Barnetby Top, Gallows Wood Garage DN38 6DW
    • 7.50am
  • Humber Bridge Car Park (North Bank) HU13 0LN
    • 8.25am
  • Glews Services, M62 / A164 DN14 8JS
    • 9.00am

Planned arrival at Temple Newsam 10.00am.

Return travel

We hope to leave Temple Newsam soon after 16:00, athletes will have an opportunity to contact parents during the return trip.

Important information

All athletes must travel to the Championships on the coach provided. This allows us to declare the team on arrival. However, once they have competed and provided they have informed the management team on the day, athletes are free to travel home with parents.


Vests and shorts will be provided

We are very aware that many find the shorts uncomfortable. You may wish to wear your own shorts under the provided Humberside shorts or provide your own. If you provide your own shorts (and wish to only wear your own shorts) these must be mid/royal blue not navy blue (or black or any other colour)!.

Should you choose the latter, they must be checked with your team manager to ensure that they comply with our declared colours.

All visible clothing must be county colours i.e. yellow and royal blue...this also applies to t-shirts worn under vests.

Items required on the day:

  • 4 safety pins for your number
  • Food and drinks for the day
  • Warm and waterproof clothing for before and after your race – “wellies” for walking the course!
  • Money if you wish to buy souvenir clothing

Additional information

Additional information from English Schools Athletics Association (ESAA) including the timetable of events.

Medical Information

If there are any changes to medical information already declared, please prepare written evidence to hand to the team manager as you get onto the coach.

If your circumstances change

Should you become unavailable through injury, illness or unforeseen circumstances, please get in touch immediately so that a reserve can be called.

2 years ago

Congratulations to those athletes selected to represent Humberside Schools at the Cross Country National Finals.

Team managers will be in contact with further information with all those selected

Junior Girls


Name School
1 Ella Greenway Tollbar
2 Katelyn Howden Tollbar
3 Millie Purchase South Axholme
4 Allanah Kieran Wolfreton
5 Georgina North South Hunsley
6 Iris Burnett Sir John Nelthorpe
7 Emma Hoggard St Mary’s
8 Luci Lamberti Winterton

Travelling reserves

Name School
9 Jessica Waugh Sth Hunsley
10 Gabriella Kieran Wolfreton

Non-travelling reserves

Name School
13 Beth Hall Winterton
14 Natalie Walsh Snaith
Junior Boys


Name School
1 Charlie Burrell Humberston
2 Lucas Meredith Toll Bar
3 Harry Barker Sir John Nelthorpe
4 Jake Croft Baysgarth
5 Louie Knudsen Humberston
6 Thomas Iverson Wolfreton
7 Thomas Parkinson Snaith
8 Henry Rodmell Pocklington

Travelling reserves

Name School
9 Benjamin Edwards Humberston
10 Charlie Stoddart Kelvin Hall

Non-travelling reserves

Name School
11 Harry Griffiths South Hunsley
Intermediate Girls


Name School
1 Emma Waudby Woldgate
2 Jodie Martin Holderness
3 Robyn Greenway Tollbar
4 Rosemary Ella Woldgate
5 Megan Hatfield Wolfreton
6 Chloe Love St Bedes
7 Rosin Gorry Beverley High School
8 Hermione Pickering South Hunsley

Travelling reserves

Name School
9 Ella Shaw Hall Wolfreton
10 Louisa Howden Tollbar

Non-travelling reserves

Name School
11 Olivia El-Rakshy St Bedes
12 Millie Weaver Winterton
Intermediate Boys


Name School
1 Harry Hudson Hull Collegiate
2 Kian Wiles St Mary’s
3 Thomas Smales South Hunsley
4 Daniel Gibbs Toll Bar
5 Oliver Donkin St Mary’s
6 Taher Mohamad Outwood Academy Foxhills
7 Dominic Harrison Outwood Academy Brumby
8 Samuel Blackburn Winterton

Travelling reserves

Name School
9 Joey Snaith Bev Grammar
10 Callum Roberts Havelock
Senior Girls


Name School
1 Sophie Clark John Leggott College
2 Lucy Ellis John Leggott College
3 Maisie Grout John Leggott College
Senior Boys


Name School
1 Dan Eastwood Woldgate
2 Jonathan Manchester Wyke

2 years ago

The ESAA operate under the rules of British Athletics and the IAAF, therefore athletes taking part in any ESAA competition are subject to the same regime of random drug testing and sanctions as anyone else in the sport. It is a condition of entry into events that athletes (with the consent of parents/guardians) agree to subject themselves to these rules.

Testing is under the control of the independent National testing body and the ESAA have no control over what they do. The ESAA provide facilities at events for drugs testing to take place when asked to do so by the testing body, and many athletes have already been tested at ESAA National Championships.

The ESAA continues to stress their complete disapproval of the use of any substance designed to gain unfair advantage in the sport.

Further information about the drugs testing regime.

Over-The-Counter Medicines

Just because you can buy a medicine at a supermarket or pharmacy doesn't mean that it does not contain substances which are prohibited for use by athletes. Check medicines (including travel sickness pills) at GlobalDRO - simply enter a few details about the Sport and in which country the medication was purchased and you can then search the Prohibited List, either by brand name or individual ingredient. You can also check your medication at UKA.

Food Supplements and Herbal Remedies

Herbal travel sickness remedies such as 'Travella' cannot be checked using GlobalDRO as these are classed as supplements. The manufacture of supplements is not regulated in the same way as medications, there is never a 100% guarantee that they are free from prohibited substances and great care should be taken. UKA has provides additional clarification on supplements.

2 years ago

2 years ago

Age groups for ESAA events

The age limits for ESAA Cross Country Championships, Track & Field Championships, and Combined Events Championships are:

Junior 13 years and under 15 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Intermediate 15 years and under 17 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Senior 17 years and under 19 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

The age limits for ESAA Schools Cup competitions are:

Junior 12 years and under 14 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Intermediate 14 years and under 16 years of age on 31st August at the end of the current school year

Notes relating to all competitions

The school year is deemed to run from September to July, so August at the end of current school year is the August following the end of the summer term, irrespective of whether some schools actually start their new year in August.

Although the Combined Events Final is held in September it is considered to be in the same school year as the previous regional rounds which lead up to the final, thus age limits are those which apply at the time of the regional round.

Athletes may only compete in the age group corresponding to their age. In particular this means:

athletes cannot compete in a higher age group athletes who are younger than the Junior age group cannot compete

2 years ago

Humberside Schools Athletics Association (HSAA) treats your privacy with the highest regard and are very concerned that other organisations do likewise. In accordance with the body and also the spirit of the Data Protection Act 1998, we guarantee that we will only ask you or your school teachers to supply personal data which is actually needed to enable us to process your entry for the specific event you are involved with, and we guarantee that any data you enter here will only be used for that purpose.

HSAA is an organisation affiliated with the English Schools Athletics Association (HSAA).

Your data won't be passed to anyone other than your County Association officials, the ESAA and ESAA officials who need to access information in order to run events.

In addition to the details below, also refer to ESAA referenced guide to the GDPR.

How do we look after your data?

The data the HSAA acquires from you, or via your School teachers, or via Team managers, is transmitted from their computers using SSL encryption and is stored securely in encrypted form on the HSAA webservers which are operated by one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, Amazon Web Services. We rely on their guarantee for the security of data held in their systems.

Your data is processed on the HSAA webserver and stored in an encrypted format so that it is not human readable.

Details of results of events which might be published on the internet could remain in the public domain for as long as it is historically valid and useful. Such details will be restricted to name, sex, age group, team or school and actual performances at each event. We will NEVER disclose personal information such as Dates of Birth, Personal Best Performances, your address, or phone numbers.

Cookies, tracking your usage, and data retention times

Data which is entered by parents, teachers or pupils via this website are recorded on the HSAA website in encrypted files. Team managers have access to previous year's team entries which include pupils names, schools, and the town of each school. However, we specifically DO NOT supply them with pupils dates of birth. they must request that directly from pupils each time the information is required.

There is a facility on the ESAA website for pupils to register themselves online to become available for County Team selection. The data submitted in this registration will include all the following data types, but will exist only for the year in which the registration is made. All pupil self-registered data will be deleted at the end of July each year. If pupils wish to continue to be available for County and National Team selection they will need to re-register each year - this is the way we will ensure that data is kept up to date at all times.

The HSAA does not use cookies in any data transfer on the internet.

What do we do with your data?

The data we ask teachers and pupils to give will only be used as follows:

Your Name and Sex

These might be published in an event programme, on tee-shirts, and will appear in the results of events, both in printed form and online. Results may be sent to newspapers or magazines for wider distribution, or published in a brochure printed on behalf of the event organisers which may be mailed to each participant in any event. This data may also appear on TV where events are televised.

Your Address

This will only be used by County, Regional, and National Team Managers to send you the details necessary to enable you to participate in the event you are selected for, and to receive any subsequent post-event certificates, results, or other 'goodies' provided by the event organisation or sponsors of each event. While any such mailing might contain sponsor's advertising material, this will be controlled by the event organisers.

Your address will NOT be made available to sponsors, unless you specifically give us your permission. If sponsors wish to communicate with you, this will be controlled by the ESAA or the HSAA.

Your town, school, and County, might be published in event results and might be shared with your local newspapers so that they can feature specific pupils in specific events. Any disclosure to the press is accompanied by the requirement that they use this information only in order to report on the activities of school pupils relating to HSAA & ESAA events and that they will not use the information for any other purpose.

Your town, County, or Postcode might be used to provide sponsors with aggregate data about how many entries come from different regions. This information will not contain any specific data about you or any other identifiable person.

Your age

HSAA and the ESAA needs to know your date of birth in order to verify which age group you belong to. We consider this to be sensitive personal information and this information will not be disclosed to anyone other than Team Managers and the organisers of each event. The HSAA will never publish dates of birth online or in any other form.

Age data will be used and published in the results of events at the most general level possible - eg. age group not actual age

Your team or school

For many events this information is required to determine team competition prizes. This data will appear in published event programmes, tee-shirts, results, and perhaps on TV at televised events. If this causes a problem for you, you are advised to notify your team manager and appropriate steps will be taken to anonymise such information.

Phone numbers

We might ask you to disclose one or more phone numbers. They will only be used by team managers and event organisers to contact you in case of difficulty processing your details, or if the organiser needs to inform you of any last-minute change to arrangements already sent to you by mail. Your phone numbers will never be sent to anyone other than team managers and event organisers without your explicit permission, and under no circumstances will they be used for tele-marketing or any other purpose not directly connected to the event you are involved with.

Email address

You may be asked to give us your email address. This might be used to send you confirmation of team selection and might also be used by the event organiser to inform you about any last-minute changes to the event. Event organisers might wish to email you next year to inform you of details of events. These are the only times your email address will be used without your explicit permission. However, event organisers may also wish to be able to offer you further information, including that from their sponsors, and might also have a regular newsletter they would like to send you from time to time. In these cases, you will be offered the option to include yourself in these mailing activities, and each mailing from them will include instructions on how to remove your address from their mailing list.

You will never automatically be included in any mailing list.

Other data

Event organisers may request that you supply other non-sensitive data such as tee-shirt size, shoe size etc. You may also wish to request details of other facilities they may be providing for you. Your responses will be treated as if they were sensitive data and will be given the same level of protection as defined (above) for your phone numbers and email address.

Changing your data

Once your details have been entered into an event by yourself or by a teacher or team manager, any changes to your details must be notified to the person responsible for entering your details into the ESAA website systems. In the case where you register yourself online into the ESAA website systems, it is your responsibility to keep the information you register up to date. The ESAA cannot accept any responsibility for any failure in communicating with you if you fail to update your registered details correctly.

2 years ago