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SIAB Internationals

Teams to represent England at the Schools International Athletics Board (SIAB) competitions between England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are selected by the ESAA Team Managers after the Cross Country and Track & Field Championships.

There are teams at Junior and Intermediate level, and normally the leading athletes at the National Championships are selected. The track and field individual events international competition is only provided for the intermediate level.

2019 track & field SIAB competition

The 2019 track and field edition will take place at Swansea University Athletics Stadium 20 July 2019. The timetable is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Humberside Schools Athletics will have one athlete from our County, Archie Yeo in the long jump.

Archie Yeo in his England international kit in advance of the SIAB competition

Previous track and field SIAB competitions

2018 Grangemouth, Scotland - Humberside athletes: Archie Yeo, triple jump, 2nd

2017 Dublin, Ireland

Where finances permit, the ESAA may also select a small team to compete at the World School Games - this team is selected by the ESAA Team Managers based on performances by athletes over the past year whilst also taking into account various other factors such as perceived future potential and general standards of behaviour. There are no qualification standards and there is no qualifying competition - selection is entirely at the discretion of the Team Managers. Because the cost of taking a team abroad is so high and the ESAA has very limited funds, only a few athletes may be invited to participate.

The ISF Jean Humbert World Schools Cup is an athletics competition between school teams. A school is selected to represent England by the ESAA Team Managers. Selection is based on the school's team performances in competitions during the year.

For additional information please refer to the ESAA website