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Athlete checklist leading up to National T&F Finals July

Achieving standard

  • Check your required standard against the website.
  • Once you achieve the standard contact the association through our website or Facebook stating Name, venue, date, event and performance.
  • Input your details into the ESAA websitethis is your responsibility and is required for you to go through to the selection process.
  • Any improvement on your PB at this event must be updated with both the association and the ESAA website. This will ensure that when the committee meet to select the team, they have the current performance.
  • Make sure you attend the relevant County Championships:
  • Keep up to date with website/Facebook for notices including if you have made the team!

Once selected for County Team

  • Make sure you complete all relevant forms (drug use, contact details, travel arrangements, code of conduct etc – found in the athlete folder on website and return via email to the secretary C Yeo)
  • Complete letter to Headteacher and hand in to school – this notifies them of absence and asks them for a monetary contribution.
  • Place your order for kit through the website – it is expected that you purchase the top and suggested that you purchase bottoms in case of bad weather. Vest will be supplied by association.
  • Make sure that you have a pair of comfy shorts in plain royal blue (small logo acceptable) – any other colour is unacceptable and will be checked by Team managers on the day of competition, failure to comply could mean that you are withdrawn from the competition. These can be purchased from sports stores and style is individual however, tights/leggings are not allowed.
  • Inform school/college of your absence for those days.
  • Keep up to date with website and Facebook as info. will be coming thick and fast and you don’t want to miss anything!

Night before travel

  • Check you have packed your sports equipment – spikes, throwing implement, pins, kit
  • Pack overnight stay gear – checklist available on website (mobile phones are permitted but solely at your responsibility)
  • Check travel pick up times and arrange departure time with parents
  • Get a goodnight’s sleep!

Whilst at the Finals

  • You will be given your hotel room, vest, lanyard, programme and instructions on arrival at the hotel
  • You will be assigned a Team manager who you must report to at designated times
  • You are expected to stay with the team at the hotel, during travel and at the stadium (unless you notify your team manager)
  • Check the programme – make sure you know your warm up time, call up time and event time and let parents who are coming to watch know!
  • You have signed a code of conduct – please do not put any of the team managers in an awkward position where they must raise issues with you
  • Get to know your teammates – they will help build some fantastic memories with you and friendships that will last a lifetime
  • You are expected to take part in the parade and will not be allowed to leave before this has finished.
  • Once your event is completed, and if it is after the parade, you may ask for permission from your team manager to leave to go home with parents. At this point you must hand back your vest and your team manager will hand you over to your parents. You cannot just go, we are responsible for you and need to know that you are safe.
  • If you are travelling back on the team coach, make sure you have made a note of departure point and time from the stadium. Update your parents on travel progress so that they can be there to collect you as the coach arrives
  • Let us know about your successes via Facebook – we love to see your photos and so do parents/friends at home!
  • Have a safe trip home and start thinking about next year!

2 years ago