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2020 ESAA Entry Standards for the National Finals

The minimum performance level normally required to be selected for for the English Schools Athletics (ESAA) Track & Field National Championships. The Entry Standard is not a 'qualifying standard', reaching a standard does not imply any automatic right to be selected.

Junior boy Junior girl
100 metres 11.6s 100 metres 12.7s
200 metres 23.8s 200 metres 26.2s
300 metres 38.0s 300 metres 42.0s
800 metres 2m 05s 800 metres 2m 18s
1500 metres 4m 20s 1500 metres 4m 48s
80m Hurdles 12.0s 75m Hurdles 11.7s
Relay 47.5s Relay 52.0s
High Jump 1.72m High Jump 1.59m
Pole Vault 3.00m Pole Vault 2.70m
Long Jump 5.80m Long Jump 5.20m
Triple Jump 12.00m
Shot 12.30m Shot 10.60m
Discus 35.00m Discus 27.00m
Javelin 44.00m Javelin 34.00m
Hammer 38.00m Hammer 37.00m

Intermediate boy Intermediate girl
100 metres 11.2s 100 metres 12.5s
200 metres 22.7s 200 metres 25.8s
400 metres 51.1s 300 metres 41.2s
800 metres 1m 57s 800 metres 2m 16s
1500 metres 4m 06s 1500 metres 4m 45s
3000 metres 8m 56s 3000 metres 10m 20s
100m Hurdles 14.0s 80m Hurdles 12.0s
400m Hurdles 58.7s 300m Hurdles 46.4s
1500m S/C 4m 40s 1500m S/C 5m 23s
Relay 45.0s Relay 50.2s
High Jump 1.88m High Jump 1.65m
Pole Vault 3.90m Pole Vault 3.10m
Long Jump 6.40m Long Jump 5.40m
Triple Jump 13.20m Triple Jump 10.90m
Shot 13.20m Shot 11.60m
Discus 41.00m Discus 33.00m
Javelin 52.00m Javelin 38.00m
Hammer 49.00m Hammer 48.00m

Senior boy Senior girl
100 metres 11.0s 100 metres 12.4s
200 metres 22.2s 200 metres 25.7s
400 metres 49.7s 400 metres 58.3s
800 metres 1m 54s 800 metres 2m 16s
1500 metres 3m 58s 1500 metres 4m 42s
3000 metres 8m 36s 3000 metres 10m 16s
110m Hurdles 15.3s 100m Hurdles 15.3s
400m Hurdles 57.5s 400m Hurdles 65.5s
2000m S/C 6m 16s 1500m S/C 5m 17s
Relay 44.5s Relay 50.0s
High Jump 1.95m High Jump 1.66m
Pole Vault 4.20m Pole Vault 3.20m
Long Jump 6.70m Long Jump 5.40m
Triple Jump 13.70m Triple Jump 11.10m
Shot 12.80m Shot 10.50m
Discus 40.00m Discus 36.00m
Javelin 52.00m Javelin 37.00m
Hammer 50.00m Hammer 43.00m

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